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What is CO3?

CO3 is an online ERP and CRM system that make everyday work easier. Size doesn’t matter: whether you have a small company or a nationwide corporation CO3 offers a a customized solution.

In CO3 every registration is called a user account. Each user account has its own unique site address, which must be provided during the registration process. Later, you can reach your account at the”yourownsiteaddress” URL address using a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. The operating system of your device can vary; you can use Windows, Linux, MacOS etc. We always recommend you to use the latest available version of the browsing software, in favour of maximize your user experience. You also need to have a proper internet access.

CO3 is a web application thus you can reach it not only from your PC, or notebook, but even from your smartphone, or tablet with an Internet access.

CO3 has different modules, which can accomplish different tasks. The availability of a module depends on the chosen subscription.The chapters in this manual provide an overview of each module and provide basic user knowledge.

Feel free to test the system all you want, try it as you like because you cannot spoil it.