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Technology overview

CO3 uses the most advanced technologies to create a so-called Progressive Web Application (PWA). This is a solution that runs in the phone's browser and enables work without an online connection. Of course, in the case of CO3 you will always need an online internet connection, but in uncovered areas and with certain functions, the lack of connection will not cause a problem either.

Android-based phones have supported it so far, but with the release of the latest iOS version in September 2020, the convenient FaceID and TouchID identification will also be supported on the Apple platform - that is, we can identify ourselves with our face or fingerprint. Thus, it is expected that this fall, it will be possible to enter CO3 on phones capable of such identification, without having to enter a username and password. This makes using CO3 even more convenient, even easier.

The mobile application offers more limited functionality than the version available on a notebook or even a desktop computer due to the size of the screen and the peculiarities of phone handling. At the same time, we tried to make all modules and business processes supporting mobile working available. This way, for example, you can easily record a client, customer, or related information, conversations, issue an invoice, or even view ongoing projects.

Use the system with confidence, try it out, as you can't spoil anything!