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Record invoice's data

__You can create new outgoing invoice with the "New invoice" link:

You have to record the following data:

  • Customer
  • Date of issuing
  • Date of payment
  • Date of fulfillment
  • Payment method (transfer, cash, bankcard, cheque, other, c.o.d., direct debt, transfer 15 days, transfer 30 days),
  • Currency,
  • FX rate – if the currency of the invoice is different from the default currency of the account,
  • Bank account number,
  • Profit center,
  • Sales manager,
  • Item description,
  • Quantity,
  • Unit,
  • VAT,
  • Unit price,
  • Discount,
  • Item's note,
  • Description,
  • Related project,
  • Invoice image language
  • Print invoice to pdf,
  • Send e-invoice to customer,
  • E-signature and timestamp,
  • Cash paid (only in case the invoice' status is cash),
  • Create cash document. The other data of the invoice will be filled in utomatically based on the above.