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Invoice list

The Invoice list shows all the important information about invoices: the number of the invoice, the date of issue, payment and fulfillment, net and gross price of the invoice, the installment if any, and the current stat of the invoice. Overdue invoices are also shown here - the number of days since maturity date is shown in a yellow circle at the top of the invoice list.

You can also get information here, about the status and confirmation of the invoices sent to [NAV Online Invoicing System]automatically.(/penzugyek/kimeno-szamlak/nav-online-szamla-adatszolgaltatas)

The Invoice list’s informational icons

Managing invoices easier there are different informational icons are used:

Overdued outgoing invoice

Paid outgoing invoice

Incoming invoice

Incoming invoice with an attached document. A document can be viewed by pressing the little document icon

Payment delay in days

The product delivered to the buyer personally

The product is handed over to a courier service

Sorting the Inovice list

By clicking on the headline of a column, the invoice list can be sorted in descending and ascending order.