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To start the inventory, select a warehouse you want to inventory,and press the “Inventory” button.

After the start of the inventory, the selected warehouse is locked, so no movements can be taken in stock. There is a possibility to choose a whole warehouse inventory but an inventory by product group. With a large quantity and continuous service (e.g. in the case of a retail store inventory), it may be worth choosing a group inventory. When doing a group inventory, you can also select "by manufacturer" option.. This means only the products and providers in the selected group(s) will be under a lockdown and not the whole warehouse. So, this also allows for a more convenient, detailed inventory of a larger stock quantity.

There are three methods for entering inventory quantities:

  1. Printing classic inventory sheets, manually writing down the quantities, and then adding the quantities to the “Inventory quantities” form.
  2. Using a barcode scanner and scanning all the products in stock. Thus, the quantities iimmediately appear in the form called "“Inventory Quantities”.
  3. Using a collector barcode scanner. The barcode scanner will store all the items in one file. This is the file that needs to be downloaded from the scanner firstly and than uploaded to the inventory sheet by pressing the “Upload scanned list”.

You can continously register items quantities on the “Inventory Quantities” form. The status of the form can be saved using the "Save" button. In this way, the inventory can be interrupted, and return later for further record.

To complete the entry of quantities press the “Close inventory receipt” button.

Until the Inventory sheet is closed, the inventory can be interrupted at any time, the data recorded until then will be deleted. When the inventory ends, the locked item group or warehouse will be unlocked.

After closing the Inventory Receipt the system will automatically create the inventory Difference list, which can be viewed in a PDF format or can be printed out.

Inventory Difference lists can only be downloaded or printed before correction. After correction, you won’t be able to download it or print it out.

Besides that, the system will offer some ways to correct the difference:

  • Scrapping an item,
  • Making a delivery note,
  • Taking in,
  • Taking back.

Correction will always happen without any human interference. Receipt of correction will be created, which can be printed out and filed if needed. During an inventory with a barcode reader, may have been picked up a product that has not yet been taken into stock (or, in the case of a product group inventory, may not belong to that group). Items that were taken in wrongly can be viewed and deleted by a click. After this step the inventory can be ended easily.

An inventory process comes to an end, and all the functions in a warehouse will be available again.