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Partner search

Use the search box at the top of the screen to find partners, contacts.

If you have only a fraction of the information about a partner, you can still use the search engine to find the recorded partner, as the search bar searches all the recorded data, even fragments. The search engine also searches for complete terms, so if you enter a multi-word term, the list of results will be based on relevance. The results that match the entire phrase appear at the top of the list, while at the bottom of the list are the matches of words in the phrase.

Searches can be saved. The adjusted filters and specified search terms are also saved during backup. Saved searches can be found on the results page by clicking the "Saved searches" link. By saving your searches, you can create different customer segments, in which partners are sorted according to different search criteria.

The “Advanced” (next to the search button) filter feature allows you to compile complex queries without any programming knowledge. These queries can compile a condition system for all data recorded by the partner, including unique fields. Thus, special reporting needs can also be met.