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Recording worktime in the CRM and Project modules

You can record working time not only from the Worktime module, but also from two other modules.

  • From CRM module: After selecting a given partner, the Activity tab will be displayed by default on the contact's form. In this view, the Worktime button next to the blue coloured Save button in the Note field is used to start the recording.
  • From Projects module: Click on a project to display the Whiteboard of the project by default. Here, also next to the blue coloured Save button, you will find the Worktime button.

The cost of a given project can also be allocated to the time spent. The labour cost of the project is listed in the bottom part of the Financial sheet tab, in cash and time. This will further show the total cost spent on the project. Read more about this in the this section of the Handbook.

Attention! It is only possible to approve the recorded working time in our Worktime module.