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Merging partners

When might a merge be necessary?

For example, we have previously recorded a partner in CRM without a tax number. It includes a delivery note, a house cash voucher or a supplier invoice from a previous period, which was not yet required to have a tax number in the system. And now we already use the "NAV retrieval" function in the account, whereby the supplier invoices are received with a tax number from the NAV and automatically recorded. When downloading, CO3 uses the tax number as a basis and since the partner is not yet recorded by tax number, in addition to automatically recording the supplier invoice in the Finance module, the system creates the new partner in CRM with a tax number. So, my partner already exists twice with the same name. While one has it, the other does not have my tax number recorded. I can't delete either of them, as both have a strict invoicing voucher.

Another example is that the same partner may have been recorded two or three times in the past, if the colleagues responsible for recording may not have been careful enough and recorded the same partner over and over again without checking. However, the error was only detected when there were already several client history entries behind each recording, which would be cumbersome to copy one by one into the client history of the selected and future partner. Perhaps there is already an account associated with each of them, in which case it is no longer possible to delete the partner.

In such cases, the "merge two partners" function provides a solution. It allows you to specify which partner should be the "source", i.e. which one, and which one should be the "destination", i.e. into which all the data and receipts of the "source" partner are merged. Once the parameterisation described above is done and the command is issued, the system will automatically merge the two partners and the partner specified as the "target" will continue to live in the system.

How does the merge work?

By merging, all the data of the "source" partner, his/her recorded colleagues, his/her customer history, his/her recorded future tasks, his/her calendar entries, his/her projects, documents, warehouse and financial records, his/her offers, i.e. his/her entire life, will be transferred to the "target" partner. From now on all information will be available under the "target" partner. Importantly, nothing will be lost, everything will be located under the "target" partner.

The fact of the merge will be entered in the customer history of the "target" partner, where it will also be available which user of the account has merged and when. The Event Log will also show when, for which companies and under whose name the merger was performed. Due to the sensitivity of this feature, the merge can only be managed by the SuperAdmin user of the account. By merging, the entire customer database can be cleaned, and redundant, duplicate or even triplicate partners can be easily but safely removed.