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Action bar functions

The following functions are available by selecting one or more partners from the action bar that appears. Of course, these functions can also be performed in selected client segments.

Bulk email sending

This feature allows you to send email to the selected partner or partners. Email messages are formatted in HTML, allowing for complex, simpler, or responsive formatting.

CO3 is not a newsletter sending system! We support mailing related to normal business process.

The system allows you to store e-mail messages, marketing letters with different topics, and then send them to the e-mail address of the selected partners after selecting that letter. Starting a group email and deleting saved email templates can only be done with Super Admin privileges!

If you want to send the same letter more than one partner at once, all you have to do is choosing the contacts you want (by ticking the checkbox) and you can send the form or marketing letter of your choice by clicking the "Send email" link in the action bar.

You can even use the search engine to find partners you have saved under the same professional title (e.g. veterinarian) in their profile. For this action, use the Edit link and then the "Additional info" field in the contact’s form. You can save your search results and recall them at any time. This way, you can easily send email from time to time to the same target group. You can edit email messages using an interface that has features like Microsoft Word. The system can send a message up to 100 contacts at one time. Since newsletters can be saved and loaded as templates, sending even 100 messages is still convenient.

Outgoing mails can be personalized. If you want to include your customer's name in the message (for example, in your invocation), use [lastname] code for the last name and [firstname] for the first name. You can display your client's company name with the code [company]. You can use the [unsubscribe] code to include the unsubscribe link in your email. Before sending it out, always test the edited email with different email client programs or by sending it to your own email address!

Bulk messages can easily get into spam folder. Their delivery depends not only on the sending system, but also on its subject or the message itself matter. In CO3 we support messages to reach their destination at the highest level with the SPF record set for our domain name, DKIM for messages, and DMARC policy.

You can track the opening of mail in the partner's “Contact history, if the partner allows it. You can also see if the recipient unsubscribes from further mailing. In case of unsubscribing, the partner's profile: "Do you agree to receive marketing emails?" field status changes automatically.

Set permissions

Here you can set permissions for the selected contacts using the window that opens. Once configured, only the selected users will be able to see that partner or partners.

Delegate partners

Use this feature to assign a new account manager to the selected partner(s).

Delete selected partners

The selected contacts will be deleted.

Export result to XLS

The selected or completed contact list can be downloaded in XLS format.