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In CO3, you can expand your plan with extra features, that you can purchase at any time. Click on the “Users & Settings” button in “Account Settings”. In the “Manage your Plan” menu, you can manage or order your addons.


With the extension, it is possible to expand the storage space included in your package by 500 MB.


With the extension, it is possible to increase the number of customers included in your package by 500.


With the extension, it is possible to expand the number of projects included in the fee package by 100 units.

Email plugin

It enables the integrated use of an already existing mailbox, so that the information received via e-mail can be easily forwarded to the other CO3 modules - and there is no need to use a separate e-mail client program.


Phone support

The price of all packages available in CO3 includes an e-mail support. There is a possibility also to use priority telephone support according to our tariff. The telephone customer service is available on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.

Online training

After implementation of the system, use our online training to learn about CO3 by subscribing to this extension. Education takes place online, at a pre-arranged time and platform.

Payment history

In case of outgoing invoices there is the possibility to manage the payment status and balance, furthermore to display partial payments, line by line. The paid amount, the remaining value, the date of payment, the settlement method and the user’ name are recording line by line.

Banking relationships

With the help of this add-on, you can access two extra functions within the Finances module. These are the Automatic Invoice Reconciliation and the Bank Transfer File Creation.

Automatic invoice reconciliation

You can upload an electronic bank account statement to the CO3 and the system automatically reconciles it with invoices waiting for payment.

Create a bank transfer file

The function allows you to create a bank transfer file from the selected and approved expense invoices, which you can transfer through your electronic banking system.

Purchase orders

The function helps and simplifies processes and communication with the supplier partners. The Purchase orders’ management lasts from the creation of the order till the issuance of the certificate of completion. CO3 helps with it’s automation in compilation of orders, the approval process.


Retention handling and expense workflow

With the extension there is the possibility to manage the approval workflow of financial advance and final invoices, guarantees and retentions and expense invoices.

The approval workflow’s steps for expense invoices are automatically logged.


Event log

With the help of the add-on the user activities can be tracked in a central location. The system records the occurrence of the event, its time, location and the user’s name who made the action.

Current account

The current account add-on is built into the Partners module. This is a separate tab on the partner's data sheet, where the partner's payment history and possible outstanding debt can be tracked. The creation of an invoice for the given partner can be started immediately from the current account list.

Petty Cash

An add-on that implements complete house treasury management built in the Finances module. It offers the possibility to create and manage several cash-desks, perform cash operations (deposits and withdrawals) within the cash-desk, and manage cash openings and closures.

In the Petty cash addon, you can create and manage any number of cash-desks, even in different currencies. The individual cash transactions can be automatically linked to the incoming invoices. For more information, see the detailed description of the cash transactions.

Retail sales

This addon specializes in handling the daily CRM and ERP tasks of retail stores. From the Dashboard, you can make direct invoices, receipts with or without VAT. You can make a special invoice, called retail receipt. Naturally, the retail module also integrates directly with the Warehouse module. This means that retailers directly reduce stock quantities. This allows you to keep track of your retail traffic on a per-second basis.