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Users rights

If a user is not assigned any privileges by Super Admin, it will be registered as a regular “User”. “User” authority is a limited right. People with “User” permission can view the “Dashboard”, the “Calendar”, the “CRM”, the “To-do list”, and the “Files” modules. “User” can create data in the “CRM” module, but cannot delete partner data sheet, export partner data or send bulk emails. In the “Project” module, “User” only sees that he is assigned to. For example, if “User” is assigned to a project as a resource, he will see posts and information related only to project he is assigned to. “User” does not have access to the “Finances” and “Warehouse” modules. The User can create a project or can be responsible for a specific project. In this case, “User” as “Project Admin” is authorized for that project until the project manager status changed, and another person is assigned to be responsible.

“Contributors” will only see projects they are part of and can only access their own calendar entries. Besides, they have no access to anything else. They will not be able to see either partner or financial information.

With the “File Clerk” permission, the user can only register documents in the “Files” module.

If a user has “Project Admin” rights, he can create a project or work on other projects but cannot see resources and financial information.

With the “Controller” permission, the user can do everything such as listing, exporting, and accessing projects, their resources, and financial information in the “Finances” module.

The “Accountant” can issue outgoing invoices and capture cost invoices. However, unlike “Controller” privilege, he will only see invoices issued and captured by herself/himself and will not have access to other financial functions or settings.

The “Storekeeper” has complete control over the products and certificates. However, users with “Storekeeper” rights cannot create a new warehouse, delete or rename an existing one. Within the “Products & stock” module, “Storekeeper” privileges allow users to individually configure which warehouses they can manage and which not. By default, all warehouses can be managed with “Storekeeper” privileges, so no additional restrictions are required. The “Storekeeper” will only see the “Finances” module if she/he, for example, “Accountant” or “Controller” rights has as well.

“Super Admin” is the highest level of privilege. With this permission you can do anything in your account. If you set the “Super Admin” privilege to someone, you do not need to set any another privileges.

Be careful with Super Admin rights and think about whom to distribute, since Super Admin can do anything in your account without restrictions.