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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to describe the processes of a company towards its partners. The purpose of the CO3 CRM module is to support these processes and to store information about current and potential customers. Therefore, the module enables you to record, manage, and query your current and potential customers, all customer relationships, and interactions with them at any time.

In CO3, we distinguish between companies and individuals as partners. Both types of partners can be created independently, but individuals can also be assigned to a company, making it easy to keep track of which company is associated with any event related to a person. Each partner, either it is a company or a person, can be linked to to dos, events, offers, invoices, documents and much more useful information. If your colleagues record customer interactions on an ongoing basis, they will always be able to see who they are talking to and what they have agreed. This way, you can talk to your partner well prepared at the next meeting.

The CRM module home screen gives you a quick overview of the current status of your CRM. Just like the diagrams on the home page, you can also open the report items here or hovering the pointer on them to display additional information.