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In the “Reports” menu, you can query the following data:

  • Stock: Item list (product, product group, warehouse) with selection option.
  • Average product price: The average price of a given product for a certain time period.
  • Customer history: All the past product movements linked to a given customer can be listed here. In the appearing receipt list, the certain receipt’s item rows will be visible too. So, you can easily view the given customer’s bought products.
  • Daily, monthly sales: Sales data for a given period.
  • Product history: All the past product movements in a given period can be accessed here, with filters.
  • Product rotation speed: The product rotation report shows all the took in in a period, or how many of the taken in products landed in stockist warehouses and how many sales had been occurred. So, the report gives you a picture about which product sells out fast and which not.
  • Product selling rate: This report is like the product rotation report, because it focuses on the sales and on the speed of product rotation. But here, the system calculates rates instead of concrete quantity. It shows, how many of a given product is sold out in a period, in percentages. Thus, you can easily make top lists about the sales of products.
  • Waste and returns: Stating the scrapping in given warehouses and in given periods.

If you need to print out a report immediately, just press the “Print” button in the top right corner of the module. You can also export the reports into an excel chart.