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You can customize the invoicing module in the Settings menu. The changes will be saved after pressing the “Save” button at the bottom of each sheet.

General Settings

Information, that can be given or modified in General Settings:

  • TAX number, EU tax number,
  • Enterprise information: Individual proprietorship and Small taxpayer. These are displayed on issued invoice later.
  • The invoice serial number prefix used when issuing the invoice
  • Bank account numbers
  • SWIFT code of the current account holding bank
  • Default description which is displayed on invoices
  • Default transfer method

In addition to the above, it is possible to set the following:

  • Prohibit issue date setting - the issue date is always the same day and can not be changed
  • Users with Accountant rights can select invoice items only from the warehouse.
  • Do not deduct the stock automatically in case a product is invoiced. – it is useful if products are picked up in the Warehouse module only to help with the invoice issue, no real warehousing is done.
  • Barcode reader support.
  • Use the MNB's (Hungarian National Bank) official daily exchange rates on invoices with foreign currency

Before using the MNB's official daily exchange rate it must be reported by your accountat to the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary). Az MNB hivatalos napi középárfolyamának alkalmazása előtt a NAV felé be kell jelenteni a könyvelője segítéségével! Without official announcement, the used exchange rate determines the forint amount may be an exchange rate quoted by a credit institution with a domestic currency exchange license as a selling price in foreign currency.

  • Automatically create a new project when invoice saved
  • Display the number of total items on the invoice and on the printout of the invoice.
  • Prohibit to change the status of the incoming invoices.
  • Right restrictions

Printing options

Under Printing options, you can adjust printing features.

Display options

In this menu you can customize the appearance of the invoice list. Sorting options are available, how many invoices can appear on one page, display the payment method on the invoices, etc. You can also set the option: "Calculate and display the cost price of the sold goods and the profit on the goods sold" namely ELABE (in Hungary).

Footer Banner

In this menu you can upload a JPG file of the maximum size of 600x80 pixels. This image will show up on every outgoing invoice’s footer. This way you can display any useful information or an ad.

Petty cash

In case you buyed the Petty cash addon, this menu will automatically show up. Here you can turn on and off the automatic creation of petty cash receipts and you can assign users to the petty cash.

National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV)

You can make settings related to the NAV Online Invoice System. Please make sure that the fields are filled in correctly, as in case of incorrect or incomplete filling, in the mandatory data provision cannot be fulfilled automatically through the system.

Please note that this section is valid mainly for Hungarian users.