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Automatic, periodic billing

The first step in creating automatic invoices is to set up an already created invoice for specific partners in the Partners module by repeating it. You need a subscription to the Current Account add-on to set it up. The setup process is the following: In the bottom line of the Current Account add-on, you can set the selected account for automatic invoicing in the Settings window. You need to select the account number, billing period, due date, and other optional settings.

After settings, automatic invoicing can be started in the Finance module, within the Useful section.

Invoices can be issued automatically for each partners with the adjusted time period. Dates on the invoice will be recalculated based on the time period. Automatic invoicing can only be run once a day. The system issues all automatic invoices for the period since the last run. Electronic invoices are emailed to recipients immediately. The invoice will be sent in PDF format as an email attachment.

Invoices marked for printing are generated in one multi-page PDF. The system creates a PDF file of 50 invoices to be printed, so many (up to thousands) of invoices to be printed create several PDF files to be printed. Of course, automatic invoices also appear in the invoice list like any normal outgoing invoice. In the invoice list, it is possible to filter the Automatic invoices separately, so the automatic invoices issued in the given period can be easily sorted and checked.