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Sales orders

The “Sales orders” window helps the webstore integration. In a webstore linked to CO3, as a result of the compilation of the cart and due to sending of the order, the individual orders can be seen on this page.This integration can be done using CO3 API-s, and with a help of a software developer.

In the “Sales orders” window you can see the fixed-status delivery notes waiting for further processing. These delivery notes are registered like pending customer orders, and all have a different certificate serial number starting with letters VM. The pending orders are occupying the current stock in a way called soft-booking. If someone orders an out of stock product, then you can see how many products needs to be ordered to complete the order. The pre-order summary can also be downloaded in XLS format for further processing.

The orders that can be completed instantly from the stock are displayed in green. If there are not enough of any of the items in the order , the order’s background colour is grey.

Once selected, sales orders can be combined into a delivery note using the “Create Bulk Vendor” button..For example, in the case of webstore integration, multiple orders received from the same customer can be aggregated into one vendor and finally into one invoice.

It is possible to dispart customer orders. Out of stock products are marked by different colours in the order. Thus, only items that are in stock can be given away. Meanwhile, additional items on the order are pending for incoming goods.

It’s possible to print out a “Taking list” after opening the orders. With the help of the pick list, the storekeeper can see exactly from which warehouse which product and how much to take.. By pressing the “Check” button, the physically collected and barcode scanned products can be compared with the ones in the order. In case of difference, the system will alert.

The Sales orders can be finalized by pressing the ”Book and Print” button. Their status will be changed to booked delivery notes.