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If you have already been using the system actively, you may not only have to-do items and upcoming events, but also expired tasks and even expired accounts.

The Warnings window with a yellow background is displayed on the left side of the Dashboard. If you have an expired to-dos or account, you will find all your expired accounts and to-dos in this window in chronological order. Your oldest items will be at the top of the list. Invoices also indicate that someone had not paid to you on time or you were late paying. The invoices are marked "OUT" outwards (green) and "IN" inwards (red). The invoice lines are clickable so the invoice you want to view will appear immediately.

This window also displays upcoming project milestones and alerts for user account expiration. The Super Admin user, who is eligible to pay the monthly fee, will also see a “Pay now” button for the payment, giving her/him the opportunity to settle for the next period immediately.

If you do not have a task that requires you to be prompted by a deadline, an information window will appear at this location with notifications of recent changes to the system.