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Create a delivery note

While creating a delivery note, you can select a warehouse in its letterhead. In case of more warehouses, the “any warehouse” option is available. In that case, the system sorts the products of different warehouses taking into consideration the amount of products that are in a warehouse.

The applicable price variation can be selected in the header of the Delivery note. The price variation can be system specific (e.g. list price, wholesale price) and can be user defined. If a price variation is selected, the line items on the Delivery note are automatically re-priced, and the supplier's currency also changes automatically - if the price change is a currency. If there is no product on the Delivery note yet, when you add new line items, then after setting the price version, the price of the products will correspond to the price version. Of course, it is no longer possible to select a price variation on the completed Delivery note.

Recording rows and searching for former rows

You can make a new product row by pressing the “Add new row” button. The unwanted product row can be deleted by pressing the little “X” icon next to it. You can add products to the rows from a warehouse. Products can be accessed by typing something to the “Item description” field or by using a barcode reader. Start typing the desired product’s name or serial number, and then choose from the appearing ones, or just use a barcode reader and the product will be selected immediately.

Saving a delivery note

As long as the delivery note is only created and saved with the "Save" button, the contents of the delivery note can be changed at any time. For example, if a delivery note has too many product rows, the delivery note’s writing can be suspended, but the previously saved data won’t be lost. The delivery note is in status “Saved”. In this case, the delivery note can still be modified or deleted in its entirety.

In case of just a simple save, the warehouse’s products won’t change. The delivery note can be accessed and edited at any time.

After saving a delivery note, the system will tell you which products shall be gathered in from which warehouse. Thus, the ones, who work with bigger warehouses can easily print a “taking list”, which helps in gathering orders’ products. This function can be set in the “Settings” (“Display warehouse information for every item on delivery note. The information will be displayed on the Saved deliveries only.”).

Finalizing, printing a delivery note

After adding the product rows, the system will make the changes by pressing the “Book and Print delivery note” button. You can choose to print or just create a PDF file. This time you can define to print the delivery note without price information! As the delivery note is subject to strict invoicing documents, it is automatically given an ever-increasing serial number.

After printing, the delivery note will be finalized. From this point on, the delivery note can’t be edited just accessed. A printed delivery note’s product movement can be reversed by pressing the “Take back” button. While taking back, one or more products can be moved to a different warehouse.

Issuing an invoice from a delivery note

After pressing the “Book and Print delivery note” button, the delivery note will change its status to “Booked”. If you open the delivery note this time, a new option will be available (“Issue an invoice”).

After pressing the button, the new invoice will be opened and automatically will be placed in the “Finances” module. Here you need to follow the rule of invoicing to issue the invoice. In addition, no additional line items can be posted to the invoice issued in this way, as the necessary warehouse movements have already been performed by the system when the delivery note is finalized.