Those products can be dissambled into parts By selecting “Disassembly” in the “Assembly/ Disassembly” menu, those products can be dissambled into parts which consists at least one is in stock. The disassembled parts of products are placed in the selected warehouse.

There are two options for defining the purchase price of disassembled parts:

  • Purchase at a fix price: In this case the price of each part can be specified but it is important that only one product can be disassemled at the same time.The system checks that the total value of the parts generated during disassembly must not exceed the purchase price of the disassembled product.
  • By selecting the “Calculate purchase price based on percentages” check box, you can enter the purchase price of the parts as a percentage of the purchase price of the product to be disassembled. Several products can be disassembled at the same time, the average purchase price of the parts is calculated by the system.

Source and destination warehouses can be specified here. Disassembly is based on the FiFo (First In First Out) principles and involves the following stock movements:

  • The disassembled parts are moved in the selected warehouse.
  • The disassembled finished product is moved out of the selected warehouse.

During disassembling, it is possible to create a new product from the remaining parts by selecting the "Create a new product for the remaining parts" checkbox. You can fill out the simplified product registration form to create a new product.

A movement receipt is created for stock changes.