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On the welcome window of the “Products and stock” module you can see the List of all products with the most important data. The list shows the combined stock of all managed warehouses by product.

The list’s columns are customizable. By pressing the little arrow icon in the letterhead of any column, all the possible lists’ menu will appear. Here you can select which columns you want to see or which you don't. The sequence of the columns can be modified too. To modify the sequence, just click and hold onto a list and then use the drag-and-drop technique to move it.

The modifications will be automatically saved to your PC’s browser by the usage of cookies. So the next time, the modifications will appear.

In the module you can give further info about a product, which makes possible registering tangible assets and managing discount categories. Some tangible assets can have specified information: the manufacturer’s name, the manufacturing’s date, serial number, time of commissioning and the depreciation value in %.

The module makes managing vouchers possible. Product’s which are in the Voucher group are considered as vouchers.

In the case of vouchers, you simply enter the starting serial number of the voucher bundle at the time of receipt and then the quantity you wish to receive. The system automatically assigns the voucher serial numbers and makes the receipts per piece automatically. Vouchers can, of course, be moved, placed on a delivery note, taken back, and their history queried. With the CO3 finder, voucher serial numbers can be easily searched.